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The Best 20 High Fiber Foods

FIBER is also known as “bhushi”, is the part of plant based foods like as Grain, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Beans. Fibers are two type, Soluble fiber and Insoluble fiber and most plant based foods contain a mixture of two. Soluble fiber change to gel in stomach. It dissolves in water. On the other hand insoluble fiber does not dissolves in water but it helps to prevent constipation .

FIBER has many HEALTH BENEFITS, such as digestive health, Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Skin health, Weight lose.

20 High Fiber Foods

1. Avocados.

Dietary fiber per cup – 10.5 grams.

Nutrients – Vitamin C

                      Vitamin E

                       Vitamin K

                     Vitamin B6

                     Folate, Potassium.

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