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Which food is Best for your Heart

Our life is so busy now. The world is changing fastly, pollution spread out everywhere. In this situation we need keep our healthy to live long life without any heart disease. May be a large number of people die from HEART DISEASE in the whole world. Keep your heart healthy with HEART HEALTHY DIET to avoid HART ATTACK. From Berries to nuts, Fish to leafy greens find out which foods are best for your HEART HEALTH.

1. Cantaloupe.

Eating cantaloupe helps you to hydrated throughout the day, which is important for CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE. This type of melons are available round the year. But this melons found during the summer when it comes its freshness and sweetest taste.

It packed with beta carotene,( according to USDA cantaloupe has more beta carotene than apricots, oranges, peaches, tangerines, nectrains and  mangoes.) vitamin C,Folate, water, fiber, potassium. (A)

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