10 Best Food For Arthritis

ARTHRITIS generally effect the joints and surrounding tissues. Many of types one is OSTEOARTHRITIS(OA). It usually develops in joints that are injured by over use, repeated use, carrying excess body weight. effected area generally Knees,Neck or small joint of hand. Another is RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS (RA) is an autoimmuneted disease, cause body release enzymes that destroy the linings of joint. Effected area is various joints of finger, thumbs, wrists, elbows, shoulders,knees, feet and ankles (A)

Generally there is no food which can cure arthritis but some foods have been shown to fight inflammation, strengthen bones and boost the immune system.

Here is some best food for arthritis

1. Fatty fish.

Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Trout these fishes are high in Omega-3 fatty acid. Experts recommend to eat at least 110-115 grams (3-4 ounce) fish twice a week. These fish is best for rheumatoid arthritis. (B)  

An analysis shown that Omega-3 poly unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) especially useful for OA patient (C)

2. Olive-Oil.

Olive oil has been shown to reduce inflammation with a lower risk of arthritis. Olive oil contains a natural compound known as Oleocanthal which may help prevent arthritis related inflammation. Extra virgin olive oil is full with heart healthy fats.

One study shown that consumption of olive oil is inversely and independently associated with the risk of RA in this population.(D)

3. Tart cherry.

Studies have shown that cherries helps to reduce the frequency of GOUT ATTACK. Cherries contains anthocyamins, which is a powerful antioxidants. Its helps to reduce inflammation by its anti inflammatory effect. It’s good for gout.

4. Garlic.

The benefit of garlic for health have been noticed from ancient age. Garlic is a highly researched herbal product. It is used for a number of health condition.

Garlic has anti inflammatory action which can prevent pain and inflammation in the joints. The antioxidant property of garlic can prevent oxidative stress and oxidation of free radicals in the joints which is effected by arthritis. It is a anti microbial agent.(E)

5. Ginger.

Ginger is a herb plant which is well known for its therapeutic role. Ginger reduces inflammation so it is a useful to reducing inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. It has a antioxidant power and offers pain relief in arthritis.(F

6. Walnuts.

Walnut is the best nut for arthritis. Walnuts are high in Omega-3, which could relief arthritis symptoms. Walnut has anti inflammation action which can prevent pain and inflammation the joint are effected to arthritis. Eat more walnuts if you suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. 

7. Spinach.

Spinach contains plenty of antioxidant in plant compounds which can relieve inflammation help to reduce joint pain. Spinach has kaempferol which act as an antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent. It is involved in articular inflammation and destruction in RA.

8. Grapes.

If you eat grapes regularly, according to research, it can help mobility and reduce pain. The study shown that grapes have a organic chemical known as polyphenols which help to relieve pain from OSTEOARTHRITIS of the knee and progress joint flexibility.(G)

Resveratrol is an antioxidant which present in grapes skin, is beneficial in the treatment of arthritis.

9. Berries.

Berries are packed with a lot of antioxidants,Vitamin and minerals which are their unique power to decrease inflammation of the joints.

Its also have anti gout effect, improve joint health, assist uric acid level low, help in weight lose, lower blood pressure and reduce risk of diabetes. (H)

10. Broccoli.

Broccoli is one of the healthiest foods out there. Broccoli rich in vitamin C and vitamin K. Research shown that broccoli has a plant compound known as sulforaphane, can help prevent or slow the progress of osteoarthritis(OA).Broccoli also rich in calcium, which is bone building benefits.(I)


My opinion :

It is clear that the diet can play a major role in arthritis intensity and symptoms. If you have arthritis or arthritis symptoms you can those food for health.


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